Frequently asked questions

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The equipment requirement varies slightly from event to event. You should check the CSSO document for a full list of equipment you need to bring.

No. MSEV does not permit the use of personally owned vehicles (POV's) at its events.

We do not permit players to leave the field during play unless there is a medical emergency or health issue. Leaving the field damages the immersion not only for yourself, but also the rest of our players.

MSEV imposes a 330fps (feet per second) upper limit for all blasters. Blasters shooting higher then this limit cannot be used at MSEV events. All balsters are subject to random chrono testing at any time by MSEV staff.

We recommend players use a camo (or earth color) hoochie and a waterproof sleeping bag. You can buy a hoochie from most camping and surplus stores for around $60. Those who are on a strict budget, you can get a hold of a brown or dark green D Ring Tarp from Bunnings for only $10 or a camo tarp for only $15.

While swags can be more comfortable then sleeping under a hoochie, they are heavy, cumbersome and hard to hump around the AO as needed. Everything you bring, you need to be able to carry from your car to the AO in one trip.

Please do not bring civilian style 'neon colored' tents, swags or sleeping bags. Earth colors or camo types are preferred.

Check the CSSO document or Ask in the Forums if you are unsure.

Clothing and camo pattern requirements vary between MSEV events. Check the CSSO document and check the Forums for full details.

Per the CCSO, If attending an MSEV event which has players camping in the field, you should ensure you bring cool / cold weather clothing as well as wet weather clothing even if the forecast indicates sunny. It is also recommended that you bring spare clothes to change into should you get wet or dirty.

No. Open fires and fire pits are not permitted at MSEV events.

Yes. MSEV permits knives at most MILSIM events (including OP:EP) provided they are 30cm or less in length.

Knives are used for camping and utility proposes only, not combat. If you use your knife in a way that makes other participants feel threatened or unsafe, you’re going home in the back of a police car. Don’t be that person.

Eye protection (EyePro) must conform to one of the following standards: AS/NZ 1337.1, ANSI Z87.1 or EN 166. Balistic goggles or glasses which meet the U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-32432 standard are also permitted.

The inexpensive safety glasses available from hardware stores will be more than adequate. You can find the inscription of the Australian Standard embossed on the arm of most safety glasses.

It is recommended that you bring 2 PAIRS of EyePro. This way you have a backup if one breaks, if you need to clean a pair, or if you use both tinted and untinted lenses (day / night).

Eye protection must be worn 100% of the time when you are in-field. No Exceptions. No Excuses. This means also while you sleep.

Yes. Players are welcome to bring their own radio system to MSEV events. Players need to comply with all ACMA legislation pertaining to personal communications gear & transmissions.

MSEV events utilize an encrypted, centrally managed digital radio system. Official MSEV radios are not on UHF bands, therefore players will not be able to 'tap into them' on their own personal radios. If you need access to the MSEV radio system, you will need to be issued a radio and the correct fill by MSEV directing staff (DS). At large events, designated player 'signalers' will be issued radios and fill by MSEV.